Soft linen hand towel made from pure natural linen
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Soft linen hand towel made from pure natural linen.


• The loop is made of thin but strong rope, so it is comfortable to hand tea towel on the hook or on the button of apron while cooking.
• The loop is made of rope, that is used for my knitted items, so waste could be reduced and the items could match each other. And anytime you come back to the store, you could easily find something new.
• Washed, softened and not ironed linen.
• Linen fabric has OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate. It indicates that no harmful materials are used to produce this fabric, and its products are safe to contact with skin, as well as, they are environment and nature-friendly.
• Homemade and handmade with love, care and good wishes.


w i d t h - 43 cm (17 inches);
l e n g t h - 58 cm (22.75 inches);
w i d t h - 35 cm (13.75 inches);
l e n g t h - 51 cm (20 inches);
w i d t h - 35 cm (13.75 inches);
l e n g t h - 45 cm (17.75 inches).


Blush PINK.
• All available colors you can see in the pictures.
• Please note that colors may vary due to your computer's settings and monitor calibration.


100% natural washed, softened and not ironed Lithuanian linen (205 g / 0.45 lbs).


• Gentle machine wash under 40C, hand wash or dry cleaning.
• Do not bleach. If your item is extremely dirty, use detergent with gall.
• If you are using a washing machine, do not overload it – the linen item has to be able to move easily. Otherwise, there is a risk of the item becoming streaky. Also, if the item is able to move easily, it will be washed better.
• Do not tumble dry but let it dry naturally.


• IT IS ONE OF THE OLDEST FABRICS IN THE WORLD. Linen fabric was considered to be sacred, therefore, it was used during prayers and sacrifices in ancient Egypt.
• SACRED PLANT. In my country Lithuania linen was considered to be sacred, and it was believed that linen can protect from bad spirits.
• FIRMNESS. Linen fabric is 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistant to friction than cotton.
• ECO FRIENDLY. Linen is completely waste-less product, that does not cause any harm to nature. And items made out of linen are biodegradable.
• LONG-LASTING. Linen gets better with age.
• NON-ALLERGIC. Linen does not cause allergic reactions and it could be like a natural antiseptic.
• CLEANLINESS. Dirt and residue of soap and lime tend to accumulate less in a linen fabric.
• LUXURY and INVESTMENT. By purchasing a product made of linen, you invest into luxury, naturalness, functionality and long-lasting. I am sure that you will be able to use linen products for many years, and even may hand them over to your children.


This item is made to order. It should take me 5-7 days to complete your order.

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