Your home is where your heart and your values are. This is a place where you can be yourself and create your own rules for living. And if some of your values are gentle bond with nature, sustainable consumption, and minimalist aesthetics - Cozy Mozy Home was created just for you!

We believe that material things by themselves might not be that important, important are the people that live at home and how the things around make them feel. Even though outer appearance is only a small part of every person or item, we strongly believe that every item can be made to be appealing. No matter how mundane an item is, just by being beautiful it can elevate our spirit and contribute to the overall coziness and happiness of our home. Whether it’s a beautiful storage basket or lovely dish towel it can add some texture and style to your home interior.

And you can’t build true happiness on the misery of other beings… That is why respect for nature and sensible consuming are the core values of our business. And with these values in mind, we dug into the heart of this matter just to found out that “natural” does not always mean “the best” (that is why we choose linen material over cotton) and that consumption is a way broader notion than just “buying” (as it starts with nature-friendly production of the materials and ends with the care that the item requires in your everyday use).

The things you will find in Cozy Mozy Home are not just beautiful and cozy, but practical and long-lasting as well. Made so that you could easily match them together and change the way of use, they were designed to stay in your home for a long time.

I am so happy and thankful you are here. Let's create your home together.

With love,
owner, designer, creator and mom of two amazing girls in the same :)