SET of 5 Reusable Bags For Fruits, Vegetables and Bulk Products, Zero Waste Shopping Bags, Storage Bags
A - H 30 cm, W 25 cmB - H 40 cm, W 30 cmC - H 50 cm, W 30 cmD - H 25 cm, W 15 cmE - H 25 cm, W 20 cmA: H-11.75”|W-10”B: H-15.75”|W-11.75”C: H-19.75”|W-11.75”D: H-9.75”|W-5.75”E: H-9.75”|W-8”


Reusable bags for vegetables and fruits are made on the basis of zero waste idea.


• ZERO WASTE. These reusable bags for fruits, vegetables and bulk products are made on the basis of zero waste idea.
• NO SPECIAL MATERIAL. The sewing workshop that sews the curtains constantly has material residues that are no longer used and are just thrown away. The following these bags are sewed from these material residues left after the curtain sewing. So, the bags are new, but no special material is produced and used their sewing.
• Strings on the bags are made from the parts of the cords left from the other products made by me.
• HOMEMADE and HANDMADE. Every item is absolutely handmade. Therefore, every item is unique and made with love, care and good wishes.


size A:
h e i g h t - 30 cm (11.75 in),
w i d t h - 25 cm (9.75 in);
size B:
h e i g h t - 40 cm (15.75 in),
w i d t h - 30 cm (11.75 in);
size C:
h e i g h t - 50 cm (19.75 in),
w i d t h - 30 cm (11.75 in);
size D:
h e i g h t - 25 cm (9.75 in),
w i d t h - 15 cm (5.75 in);
size E:
h e i g h t - 25 cm (9.75 in),
w i d t h - 20 cm (8 in).

• For the reason it is handmade, there might be a measurement difference of 0.5-1 cm (0.2-0.4 inches).


The most common color of the bags is WHITE; however, they may be of OTHER colors.
• Please note that colors may vary due to your computer's settings and monitor calibration.


The bags are sewed from ORGANZA material residues.


• Machine wash or hand wash.
• Do not bleach with chemical treatment. If your item is extremely dirty, use detergent with gall.
• Do not tumble dry and let dry naturally.
• Do not iron.


• This item is made to order. It should take me 3-5 days to complete your order.

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